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Art Courses with Rana

Have you always wanted to paint but have somehow lacked confidence in your artistic abilities?

Or perhaps when you were a child someone told you that 'you couldn't draw a straight line ' and that belief had prevented you from following your dream.

Rana believes that there is an artist inside each one of us just waiting for the right opportunity to emerge.


Her classes are fun and inspiring and ideal also for children.


You will be experimenting with all sorts of exciting different media, techniques and texture to help you find your innate form of artistic expression.


Ideal for beginners, or those who have always wanted to paint and be creative but somehow have never found the time...or who believe that they cannot paint and lack confidence in their artistic abilities.


Rana will help you to find your particular form of artistic expression.

The emphasis is on play and simplicity and creating a space within our busy minds for this pure gift to emerge.

Rana holds week long art holidays at The Alchemy Garden during the warmer months.

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